Membership Matters-Why Become a Member of KCMS?

Physicians are stronger when united. The Kane County Medical Society (KCMS) along with the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) unifies physicians from all specialties and practice settings and provides them with valuable tools that not only positively engages physicians but also supports them in their practices. KCMS/ISMS is the only organized medicine group that advocates for doctors practicing medicine in Illinois. KCMS provides the means for which every physician in the county can speak to the issues at the grass-roots level.

KCMS encourages the participation of every physician in the county. Strong advocacy and valuable physician benefits can only be maintained for the good of the profession if everyone does their part. If you are a Kane County physician, and are not yet a member or your membership has lapsed you can apply for membership by filling out the KCMS Physician Application.

Membership Q & A

Q: What's in it for me?

A: Membership in any organization means different things to different people. Some join associations as a way to be involved with people who share common ideals and goals. Some join a group for the activities or benefits. Professional organizations are a bit of both. They exist to bring those with common interests or affiliations together to promote and improve all aspects of their profession. Membership benefits are secondary to joining and exist as an added bonus, not the primary purpose. Professional organizations are maintained by paid staff and volunteers. It requires a certain level of monetary participation from members to keep organizations strong and viable. The Kane County Medical Society is a professional organization that exists for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, and improving the professional environment of all physicians as they care for their patients. Membership in the Kane County Medical Society is a professional responsibility in which all physicians share in the outcomes of their collective involvement.

Q: What does the Kane County Medical Society do for me?

A: The Kane County Medical Society is directed by a volunteer board of physicians. Each of these physicians is busy running either their independent practice or working as an employed physician within a hospital system. Each is passionate about their profession and desires to be actively involved in its future. These volunteers meet each month to discuss current medical and practice issues, whether they be local or on a state or national level. They in turn are your representatives at the Illinois State Medical Society. The changes that will ultimately take place in a medical providers work environment begin here, at the grass-roots level. Your membership dollars help ensure that the board meets regularly and that the best interests of the membership are handled daily by paid staff.

In addition, KCMS offers tangible benefits to each of its members through complimentary CME and educational events, marketing support through web presence and referrals, networking opportunities, discounts on products and services with quality businesses. ISMS legal professionals and practice management experts are only a phone call away. ISMS also has important information available for physicians to provide their patients on important healthcare matters.

Q: I'm not interested in joining my county or state society because I belong to my specialty society. Isn't this enough?

A: Unfortunately no. Specialty societies are important to individual specialty areas but do not provide overall advocacy as it pertains to all areas of medicine involving public health and licensure. 

Q: I don't want to spend the money. I don't think it's worth it.

A: Actually the cost to belong to the KCMS/ISMS has remained the same for years. The Illinois State Medical Society introduced monthly payments several years ago, making membership quite affordable.  The advocacy needs of all Illinois physicians has never been greater. Other professional organizations are quite strong, giving any group with an opposing view the advantage when it comes to policy. If physicians do not support their county and state medical society, the only ones to blame for policies not aligning with physicians are physicians.

Q: I am part of a health system. Why do I need to belong? Don't they advocate for me?

A: Again, the answer unfortunately is no. Advocacy on behalf of physicians can only be done by physicians. The professional advocacy carried out in Springfield on behalf of all physicians and for their interests is only done by ISMS through KCMS support. Your voice as an Illinois physician rests soley with KCMS/ISMS.

Q: One of the doctors in my group belongs. Doesn't our whole practice get the benefits?

A: The benefits of membership transfer to the practice manager and the staff that directly report to the physician member. Individual benefits only apply to the member themselves. It is advantageous for all physicians in a group to belong in order for them to benefit from discounted membership dues, KCMS marketing, and complimentary CME.

Q: I just don't have time. 

A: Doctors are busy people. Everyone is struggling with juggling the multitude of responsibilities. Fortunately KCMS/ISMS does not require a time commitment. KCMS offers opportunities for members to network and learn but involvement is voluntary. Not everyone can be as involved as they might like, but don't let that stop you from joining. Your membership support demonstrates you desire to see that the voice of physicians remains strong now and for the future. 

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