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President's Message

August 2016

Dear Members, 

There is so much going on in the medical profession right now. From the regulations with the ACA, to closing insurance companies on the Illinois Insurance Exchange, to new ICD-10 coding deadlines and MACRA, the gorilla in the room. When do we get the chance to say “this is enough?” Why is it that here in Kane County a very small amount of physicians belong to the Kane County Medical Society? We are a dying breed. What has happened to the passion of medicine? Why do so many of our local physicians feel that they can sit on the sidelines and let the government take over our profession? 

I remember in high school, that it was NOT a good thing to be on the sidelines or on the bench waiting to get in. Our fellow physicians on the bench should be embarrassed that they are not stepping up and not getting involved, not playing harder for their cause. Let’s get in now. It’s not too late.

I’ve personally sat and listened to physicians gripe about all their insurance problems, governmental interference and unneeded regulations. It’s amazing how often I hear these complaints. You would think they would want to become more involved and have a voice.

Renewal of our membership is coming up in the fall. We have to contact our non-member physicians and tell them about the Society. Tell them what we do. Tell them that sitting on the sidelines and letting others do the work is not going to help us make changes. We need to recruit new members. They need to realize that this is their only voice in Illinois. 


Dr. Andrew Ward

KCMS President

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